Sara portraits
Portraits in oil on canvas as well as portrait drawings and sketches in charcoal and conte crayon by Sara Sawyer Bodlak. .

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Recent work is toward the top (or beginning of the slide show). Earlier work done in the 80s in Spain is at the bottom (or end of the slide show).

Personal Statement:

"All my works show my fascination with lights and shadows as they affect forms and colors; and as they dramatize, as in my portraits for example, very personal attitudes of men and women in moments of intensity and concentration.

In my drawings, I work rapidly, hardly able to stop until they are complete. In the finished drawings, I hope to leave a strong impression of spontaneity and vitality.

In my paintings, I work slowly, concentrating on the impact of the expressive force of light and color, surrounding the subject with an atmosphere which is personal and harmonious.

In my art, I search for an essence of the world I see."

- Sara Sawyer Bodlak

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