Change the World, Obama. | Nobel Prize for Peace version

Taken in Times Square, New York, August 2006.


Yes Obama, YOU can!

  • Javier Ibanez 9y

    Ahora lo sé ... Y0 pued0!!!!!!!
  • sara b. 9y

    whatever, you MUST.
  • Karolien Taverniers 9y

  • yoodi djimar 8y

    cool !
  • sara b. 8y

    thank you!
  • Giacomo 7y

    pensavo fosse "canon"
  • ala3letter 7y

    Sara ! you are a Barak Obama Fan: Thank You and YEAH, YEAH, YEAH !!!, I second.
  • sara b. 7y

    I woke up this morning thinking of USA Presidential Vote.
    Few hours and the world will change.
    Vote Obama, please!
  • sara b. 7y

    Thank you America: YES, YOU DID!
  • namonnamon 7y

    yes, everyone can
    especially you
  • temporal millionaire 6y

  • Cajunlady51 5y

    This is your president !

    Is anyone out there awake?

    Everyone of voting age should read these two books: Don't buy them, just get them from the library.

    Dreams of My Father:
    Audacity of Hope:

    From Dreams of My Father: "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites."

    From Dreams of My Father : "I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother's race."

    From Dreams of My Father: "There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of herself, maybe and white."

    From Dreams of My Father: "It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names."

    From Dreams of My Father: "I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn't speak to my own. It was into my father's image, the black man, son of Africa , that I'd packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela."

    And FINALLY .........
    and most scary:

    From Audacity of Hope:
    "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

    We CANNOT have someone with this mentality running our GREAT nation!!
    I don't care whether you are a Democrat , a Republican, a Conservative or a liberal,
    We CANNOT turn ourselves over to this type of character in a President.
    We have really put ourselves in harm's way with this monster in disguise!
  • österreich_ungern 2y

    should be taken away and given to Edward Snowden...
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