mandrake cake 2

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    professor sprout's chocolate mandrake cake, made by my friend veronica's bakery, cup and saucer, for the book launch/movie premiere of whatever is next in line for the harry potter series. only on guam! it is a terracotta pot with devil's food cake, covered in devil's food crumbs, and a gumpaste/pastillage mandrake root embedded on top. don't forget to wear your earmuffs when you pull him out--or else!

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    1. bert671 ages ago | reply

      it was aight. nothing special really. Harry potter movies are like drinking non-alcoholic beer. in the end you realize it was a pointless experience.

    2. Mad_T ages ago | reply

      I remember that hammond driven tune mandrake root....

    3. chotda ages ago | reply

      deep purple?

    4. Mad_T ages ago | reply


    5. Erik Karlsson2 ages ago | reply

      It's a face! Excellent! :D

    6. chotda ages ago | reply

      mad_t, it's some thunder in my brain :)

      eikei, she had at least a dozen cakes, and all the faces were different.

      blynaffit, when we pulled the mandrake root out it didn't scream; we're thinking of rigging up one for halloween that will.

    7. su-lin ages ago | reply

      This is just brilliant!

    8. Roel Santiago GUAM ages ago | reply

      Welcome back!!!...Bert and I are going to Manila next month...Wanna Join us???....If not .can you recomend a great place on you list to see or do?

    9. headphonerecord ages ago | reply

      That is amazing!

    10. sugar-bliss gnome ages ago | reply

      That is fantastic! Your friend is extremely talented and imaginative, someone I can admire! ^_^

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    11. economic quiver [deleted] ages ago | reply

      This is fabulous!!! I love Harry Potter! What an amazing cake!

    12. eatme_delicious ages ago | reply

      that is so insanely awesome!

    13. Bowhaus ages ago | reply

      You must still be on hols...come back soon, I miss your photos

    14. chotda ages ago | reply

      hi bowhaus! i was on hols. now i'm just lazy. !!!!

    15. Bowhaus ages ago | reply

      Oh, go on, get your camera out - we miss you!

    16. Trinidad's Chocolate Fountain Specialists-Fountain ages ago | reply

      W-o-W! this could easily convince me that real mandrakes exist! :P

    17. IndoRecipe 113 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cute Flower Pot Cakes, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    18. Jessica Nunemaker 97 months ago | reply

      I love this! So amazing -- it looks real! I want to break out the books and read them all over again.

      I used it here:

      Thank you for using a CC license. It is very appreciated.

      Jessica Nunemaker
      My College Guide

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