mozzarella en carrozza

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    fresh mozzarella squished into the softest white bread slices, dipped first in milk, then flour, then egg, and fried in olive oil until melty and golden.

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    1. eyes1997 102 months ago | reply

      oh wow wow wow wow!!!!

    2. abbyladybug 102 months ago | reply

      Oh YUM! Nigella Lawson makes those. I guess you do, too!

    3. bunchofpants 102 months ago | reply

      Oh Chotda, you've done it again! What a wonderful photo AND recipe! I'm definitely making some of this ... I think I'll sprinkle powdered sugar on mine ... or maybe drizzle honey on it. In fact, I want to leave work right now to go home and make some of this!

    4. chotda 102 months ago | reply

      hi frances! it is!

      hi mel! last time i was at salcedo market, i saw that someone was making fresh mozzarella--i'll bet that would be great in this.

      hi eyes! you should try this.

      hi abby! you know, i have her cookbook, i should have looked in there first. i got the original recipe on the food network site but i took out the anchovies and prosciutto; if i had just looked at nigella's book, i would have seen pretty much this exact thing!

      hi bunch! mmmmm, was thinking of making monte cristos next, but drizzling some honey or adding a really nice strawberry jam to this would do just as fine. thanks for the idea!

    5. Wesley* 102 months ago | reply

      good god!!! stunning looking food and stunner of a shot. i am so thankful for 'all sizes'

    6. chotda 102 months ago | reply

      hi wesley--omg, you are so right. blown up it looks even more fabulously delish.

    7. lulu cooks 102 months ago | reply

      Oh soooo decadently yummy! I love fresh cheese! :D

    8. anzyAprico 102 months ago | reply

      ummmmm, I love cheese,too!

    9. StarrGazr 101 months ago | reply

      WOW!! This looks SO yummy!!!!

    10. A.R.G. 101 months ago | reply

      hello, grilled cheese from heaven!

    11. Tea_Bea 99 months ago | reply

      Ooooh, yum!

      Thanks to this club, I think all of my favorite photos are of food. =)

    12. lthomas 93 months ago | reply

      Yum. Did you know that this is the most interesting photo tagged with mozzarella? Please consider posting it to The Most Interesting **Blank** Picture

    13. Cryptia. [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

      What a lovely plate!

    14. Cutestingaash 89 months ago | reply

      Veggies Paradise !

    15. SumoAnand 84 months ago | reply

      lovely picture..

      Can i use this picture for my cheese group page?

    16. abbyladybug 84 months ago | reply

      Please come to my house and make me this. OK thanks bye.

    17. chotda 84 months ago | reply

      sure! let me know when's good for you :)

    18. J:L 81 months ago | reply

      woah... sinful!

    19. Assaf_F 67 months ago | reply

      I've been looking at food pictures for the past hour but wow this makes me most hungry and a great description I might add!

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