"chinese" chicken salad

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    shredded chicken with various lettuces, sugar snap peas, shredded carrots, sliced orange sweet peppers, radish sprouts, spring onions, with a ginger-cilantro-sesame vinaigrette.

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    1. chotda 103 months ago | reply

      sherizan--it was! i crave it now.

      mjd-s, oh eyuw, i know exactly of what you speak. those instant porridges can be nasty.

      belliebottom--me too! right now!

    2. bunchofpants 103 months ago | reply

      Hmmm, no nuts? Because Mr. bunchofpants is fond of saying "You're nuttier than a Chinese chicken salad." But if a Chinese chicken salad has no nuts, then my cognition has just been thrown into disarray ...

    3. chotda 103 months ago | reply

      i forgot the nuts. nuts. bunch, try this with silken tofu, it's really good with the dressing.

    4. chocolate monster mel 103 months ago | reply

      I want to have some of this, right now!

    5. roboppy 103 months ago | reply

      That sounds like a salad I'd want to eat....but would be too lazy to make on my own. :(

      That reminds me of a Margaret Cho joke. She was on a plane and the flight attendant was handing out something like Asian Chicken Salad. "Asian Chicken Salad?...Asian Chicken Salad?..." And then when he got to Margaret, he just said "...Chicken Salad?"

    6. CharlieBrown8989 103 months ago | reply


      Please share this with


      I appreciate it....

    7. chotda 103 months ago | reply

      hi mel--it's 2 days later, i still want some :)

      roboppy--ha! i was thinking how goofy would it be to call it an asian chicken salad, when it's not really chinese to begin with? what about americanized idea of chinese chicken salad? asiatic american chicken salad?

      hi charlie--thanks for the link!

    8. bunchofpants 103 months ago | reply

      That just reminded me of a recipe my mother used to make--I'm sure she got it from a Campbells Soup cookbook--it was called "Chinese One-Dish." It had chunks of stew beef, rice, and Campbells Cream of mushroom and Cream of celery soups. I guess the rice made it "Chinese." It was tasty, though ...

    9. chotda 103 months ago | reply

      hmmm. sounds salty. i'd love it. just needs those chung king fried chop suey noodles to complete it.

    10. ~Lila~ [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

      Beautiful Capture !!!


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    11. schmidjon 75 months ago | reply

      Thanks to your CC license, this photo was featured on cooking is the greatest

    12. Paola! [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      AMAZING photograph. Beautiful light.

    13. vitaman 72 months ago | reply

      This is a great photo! I have the perfect blog post to accompany it. I will feature it in the next few weeks and will forward our readers to this page. (Attribution and link to your photo is listed at the bottom of the post.) Check out your pic in action: www.marksdailyapple.com Have a great day!

    14. oneSaint 71 months ago | reply



    15. faithxfame ♥ 66 months ago | reply

      - I'm drooling too!!
      Those colors look delicious
      But I'd take the chicken off XD

    16. Odete de Paula 56 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Comer, Rezar & Amar (Eat, Pray & Love), and we'd love to have this added to the group!


    17. D90Dude (Steve) 53 months ago | reply

      Save one for me.....a yummy good photo

    18. alicia-. 50 months ago | reply

      oh wow - i never saw i picture of saladt that makes me so hungry !

    19. BILLY714 48 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful photo! Makes me hungry for salad!

      If it's OK with you, I am using it in my blog about healthy eating and exercise: fabfit50s.wordpress.com/.

      Thank you!

    20. Luisa Photographer :) 24 months ago | reply

      genuine and colorful!

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