NoteRoboLaBiciPorqueMeDasPena.jpg :P

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    Bueno, tras mucho tiempo sin poner fotografías a causa de una serie de problemas, vuelvo a estar aquí :P

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    1. annalopez 117 months ago | reply

      jajajaja que hi han de sumnormals al món! ;)

    2. zeusbox 98 months ago | reply

      That's not stupid, but it's IDIOT

    3. .versa 98 months ago | reply

      the title says: i don't steal your bike because i pity you!

    4. sagipolley 98 months ago | reply

      Yeah, he didn't even put the lock through one of the wheels. That's an invitation to steal your wheels!

    5. kick new zealand 98 months ago | reply

      None of you have spotted the trip-wire. It's a booby-trap for stupid thieves!

    6. Donderwolkje 98 months ago | reply

      shit and i lock my bike the REAL way and MINE gets stole. aaaaaargh

    7. D saint 98 months ago | reply

      super inteligente el tipo...o que esperaba a un cambio....?!?!?!?!?!

    8. spudart 98 months ago | reply

      It took me a couple seconds to realize that, duh! Someone could just lift the bike up and steal it. (sorry for stating the obvious, but i was so busy focusing on the technique of how this person used their lock, that I was missing the big point that someone could just lift and run. Heck they could just ride the bike away!)

    9. Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious 98 months ago | reply

      Yeah, funny stuff. Here's a similar photo I took a couple of years ago.


    10. Shht! 98 months ago | reply

      brutal. subnormal profundo

    11. sapphire_chan 98 months ago | reply

      So, do bike thieves commonly walk up, try hopping on a bike and riding away, and then just give up if that doesn't work?

    12. The valk 87 months ago | reply

      Ojalá algún día eso no sea signo de estupidez y sea signo de "QUE LA GENTE YA NO ROBA!!!!!"

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