Roto Me

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This is my first go at rotoscope...I think I may have to try again.

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  1. kasmil ages ago | reply

    interesting, like this:)
    like all pics on your web :)
    thx for invite:)

  2. Flipped Out ages ago | reply

    Whimsical! (4 Aces)

  3. twentythreeeleven ages ago | reply

    Intruiging! Great idea.

    (4 Aces)

  4. KriKo ages ago | reply

    cool! makes me wanna try too :-)
    (4 Aces)

  5. Any Manetta ages ago | reply

    wow....interesting tecnic and shot!
    Well done!

  6. Amelia PS ages ago | reply

    never seen this technique before...seems like a perfect picture for it though!

  7. eemsdad ages ago | reply

    Take...On....Me.....Take on me, I'll be gone....In a day.....

  8. artsyevie ages ago | reply

    4 Aces

  9. ouyea... ages ago | reply

    Great work!

  10. @notnixon ages ago | reply

    Thanks for all the kind comments!

  11. pixelroiber ages ago | reply

    never seen before. nice technique! but the girl isn't really pleased about kissed by him, isn't it?

  12. @notnixon ages ago | reply

    I'll let you into a little secret...the bloke (me) is actually speaking to a waitress. It just looked like i was leaning into a kiss in the photo. The advantage of 2D photography.

  13. Matthew Lowe ages ago | reply

    Not to brag, but I took that photo! Didn't realise I was making the sequel to the Aha classic, Take on Me!!

  14. @notnixon ages ago | reply

    You're quite right, Matt! I should give full credit to the photographer.

    Nice work dude!

  15. nels1 ages ago | reply

    like linklater's 'waking life' meets real life!
    please submit to Filmic Scenes

  16. newton_at_woolsthorpe  ages ago | reply

    Very good work.
    Have to try this again ... but how ...

  17. Jerri Johnson (away) 114 months ago | reply

    WOW! Very impressive! Please consider posting this on a brand new invite-only pool dedicated to MAGICAL imagery. This photo is pure magic!
    This capture is truly Magical
    Show its magic to us!

  18. Being Lulu Bean 98 months ago | reply

    Hi, i´m publishing a book and i´d love to include this photo.

    You´ll get the general idea by clicking on this Facebook Fanpage 2

    If you would allow your photo to be included, please could you email me directly on

    Of course your work will be credited, and if you have a website it will go in the Acknowledgements page too.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Best regards
    Lulu Bean

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