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Flower | by solarisgirl
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I hate myself for doing this. I have become like those people who go ga-ga over flowers, and worse take photos of flowers and then bore everyone with the photos of those flowers !

Noooooooo. I don't hate flowers really - but I think they are a bit silly. They are just pretty and don't do anything. At all. Maybe some smell good. But overall - boring! I am neutral to them. But what IS it about flowers of the Himalayas ? Wild flowers. Flowers no one has planted, taken care of, watered, fertilized, pampered, wanted, loved ? Flowers growing of their own will, in some really pathetic places (Rohtang pass for example. Terrible, terrible weather and no one would have a desire to even leave the safe, warm ground and come up in the cold place.) ? Flowers no one can call their own ? Wild flowers. Soon-to-be-dead flowers. Who can survive such weather for so long ? Maybe they can. Wild flowers. Flowers only seen by weary, dusty, irritated travelers who are always late (delayed by landslides, rain, snow, flat tires, road sick companions, etc) and who are only interested in reaching the destination quickly and who will not even glance twice at them. No pretty ladies would tend to them or love them. No one would pluck them and display them proudly in delicate vases in their warm homes. No one would offer them to the gods. Probably, animals would trample on them. Or eat them. Wild flowers. Growing, thriving - for no reason at all.

But then again, I did not click photos to make a statement or to keep up a unique style of photography. In the end, I somehow truly adore these flowers. They seem resilient. And I clicked photos of them. And here they are, splashed all over my Flickr pages. Wild flowers of the Himalayas - you have won.

PS: Nokia 808 Pureview did all the hard work for all the flower pictures.

PS2: My friend has pointed out that many flowers in my photos here don't seem to have been growing in the wild at all. Here is where I will hide behind something called "artistic license". But, Flowers -> truly I like you very much now! But only as long as you grow in the mountains. So there.

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Taken on August 26, 2013