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Cat portrait | by solarisgirl
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Cat portrait

This is the stray mother cat in my home, who left today evening along with her kittens. I got her to trust me over two weeks (she blinked slowly at me,she closed her eyes and slept while I was looking at her, she had no problem sitting with her back to me and eating the food.) Sadly for me, she never trusted me with her kittens. She always, always hissed whenever I even took one step in her direction when the kittens were near her. She had called out to her babies in front of me and licked them and nursed them when she knew I was sitting there and watching ( even today ) but she never let me approach her with the kittens around :(. Today I was trying to exit the bathroom with a bunch of clothes and she and her kittens were right in the way. She hissed at me again ( I was so tired of this) and I used a strong firm voice for the first time with her - I told her to move back and let me go. She got really scared and started running for the main door while her kittens ran in the inner room. I had to again kneel down, talk to her in a calm voice and tell her not to run out of the house but to go to the kittens in the inner room. She listened and I shut the bathroom door and she slowly came near again, passed me by and went to the kittens. Next thing I know , she is lifting one of the gray and black kittens and dragging it out the main door ( which I always left open to let her know she can escape whenever she wants). One harsh voice and she was done with me :(. She took them out one by one to some place which I hope is safe from other "wild" animals :\. And is warm :\. I'm terribly sad but also happy because I really am not cut out to take care of cats - I did the whole research and followed it: I never kept huge bowls of water for kittens as they can accidentally fall in and drown.Seriously. And I removed all the possible "traps" that my home had for the kittens. I removed all the electrical cords and hid the ones at floor level. The paper bags I kept out for them to play with had the handles removed to avoid them getting entangled in them. I made sure they got cat food and not people food. (I learned that adult cats are lactose intolerant so we cannot give them milk - any milk - but kittens are not and so it's ok to give some milk to them if the mother cat isn't around to nurse them. An odd fact to file away for the future). In the end, I still do not have the drive to do the whole spaying/neutering business and taking care of them after that (bathing, grooming, cleaning litter box, taking to vet if they fall sick or act strange, etc.). And I noticed very late that this cat's left limb was broken and she was limping slightly. I really pitied her but I just hope they all find people who care more about them :\.

(Funny thing - I think this cat understood me whenever I spoke to her but yeah, it must just have been basic animal body language and the tone of my voice and me pointing fingers at everything.)

PS: Most of our time was spent with me, sitting on the floor at a safe distance and looking at her and doing the slow blink at her. Sometimes she did the same back at me. Otherwise I think she was very skeptical, and on the alert and was just expecting me to change my behavior and be mean to her :(. This is that skeptical moment I guess.

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Taken on March 18, 2017