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rally to restore sanity, antarctica

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photo by holly troy or christine powell

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  1. sekken.net 42 months ago | reply

    inajeep: No bears in Antarctica, I'm afraid. ;-)

  2. jeffsmallwood 42 months ago | reply

    This is an awesome shot! I was in DC and was wondering what it was like elsewhere around the country, never thought to consider what you all would be doing down there on the tip of the world!

    http://www.reddit.com/ (?)

  3. cageronimolaw 42 months ago | reply

    Now if more people would just try to bridge the gap, speak softly, intellectually and politely about the issues, the media would stop the hype, sound bites, demonization, name calling and dismissive criticism, maybe this country might have a chance. But I just see more of the same and I'm very worried about where the US is headed. There has to be some common ideas that we can agree upon: 1. Elderly Americans shouldn't be in fear of losing Social Security, which is a safety net for many Americans and the only source of income; 2. The stock market is for risk takers and gamblers and not the proper place for Social Security money; 3. We have to end the deficit spending by both cutting costs AND increasing taxes, cutting alone will not end the deficit; 4. 9-10% unemployment is not good for our country; 5. Immediately we have to conference to ascertain the top factors that caused/causing the recession; establish goals and objectives to address the causes; determine what part government has to preventing/forestalling/exacerbating the causes and solving the problems and what part the economy as a whole has and ways to jump start businesses that employ workers, industries that can create employment and policies that enhance growth. I'm just afraid that it's never going to happen. If it doesn't, I very afraid for this country.

  4. azalutsky 42 months ago | reply


    Wish I went to this one insteada the DC one ;-)

  5. DingMoo 42 months ago | reply

    OH wow, that looks like a lot of fun!


  6. infierny 42 months ago | reply

    You guys are awesome!

  7. vlakieste 42 months ago | reply

    HAHA! Oh man - Antarctica is AWESOME!!!

  8. fabric91840 42 months ago | reply

    Just loved the photo.....

  9. wiseleyb 42 months ago | reply

    Where's Boozy the Clown?

  10. Stefien 42 months ago | reply

    This must have been taken during their 15 minutes of sunlight. ;)

  11. sandwichgirl 42 months ago | reply

    actually, this photo was taken at 8pm. it's 24 hours daylight here in the austral summer.

  12. dustyknapp 42 months ago | reply

    so much awesome.

  13. V2Blast 42 months ago | reply

    I always love the pictures of people in Antarctica.

  14. paintedhandfarm 42 months ago | reply

    Is John Booth in that photo?

  15. pinguino 42 months ago | reply

    you guys are amazing

  16. sohailstyle 42 months ago | reply

    Great to see that SANITY has reached Antarctica, too.

    "I have a sign" is great!! Almost as nice as this one from the main rally:

  17. silloHollis 42 months ago | reply

    made me smile

  18. furtographer 42 months ago | reply

    I hope they can restore Santa-tee as well.

  19. zakur2011 28 months ago | reply

    Great picture!!

    Pablo from Argentina

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