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    This was the most challenging sand sculpture I've ever made - it took about 7 hours, including a few breaks to swim and cool off (couldn't resist that ocean just a few feet away). I gathered driftwood for an hour (glad the beach was empty - I must have looked crazy, especially dragging the big branch that makes up his legs and torso), than spent 2-3 hours tieing the sticks together with twine to make the figure It took another 3 hours to coat the figure in layers of wet and dry sand until it looked like it was all made of sand. The first photo is just the sticks, the second is halfway through the sand-dripping, and the last one is when I called it quits.
    While I'm absolutely thrilled that this idea actually worked, I admit to being a little disappointed that the arms and back leg sunk a bit as I added sand, so that the "running-man" figure I was aiming for became harder to discern by the end. And I wish it didn't look so creepy!

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    1. Beefus 104 months ago | reply

      This is soooo cool. I hope you continue to create these duing the fall and winter months as well :)

    2. guesa♥ 104 months ago | reply

      I love this! I'll definitely have to try these methods out seeing as I live in Hawaii and am always up for a new way to make sandcastles. Well done!

    3. sandcastlematt 104 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much for the nice words.
      Beefus: yes, my flickr page will go pretty quiet until snow cat season starts again... Unless people want to chip in and fly me down to sunny Florida for a weekend, sand castle season is fading fast. Hint, hint. ;-)
      Nanodances: you should give it a try - its a lot of fun, and please share your photos of it! I'm so jealous that you get to live in Hawaii - Massachusett's sandcastle season is awfully short...

    4. Beefus 104 months ago | reply

      Have you ever tried a similar technique with snow and ice?

    5. Ella88 104 months ago | reply

      This is simply amazing! Wow!
      Very creative.

    6. sandcastlematt 104 months ago | reply

      Beefus: sort of. Under the right conditions, snow stands up so well on its own that you don't really need a skeleton. I've tried this strategy nonethless, and found that the snow doesn't want to stick to the wood, and if its above freezing out, the snow that's closest to the wood seems to melt fastest, so that the sticks jut out in akward ways and eventually cause the creature to hollow out and collapse. But, to get the cat's tail to stand up, I had to use a branch- you can sort of see it if you look closely. And I think I used a stick to keep the head from sagging, but I don't think it helped.
      Ella: thanks alot - I hope its not too creepy... If I get a chance, I really want to make a sandcat - maybe I'll use one of your great shots as a model.

    7. sandcastlematt 104 months ago | reply

      niddler: thanks! That's the funniest "seen in..." line I've ever seen. Never thought I'd ever see that.

    8. frackers23 102 months ago | reply

      This is amazing. I'm so glad to have stumbled across your pictures this past week! :-)

    9. jimmyandesther 97 months ago | reply

      Wow, that's awesome!

    10. sandcastlematt 97 months ago | reply

      thanks! Was just thinking about whether I'll try to make another sandman sometime this summer. We'll see...

    11. Ewa's Oceans 95 months ago | reply

      Lovely and amusing :-)

    12. christaki 92 months ago | reply

      Great talent Matt!! Do you only work in the Summer? Do any Snow/Sand men?

    13. Ray_chel 87 months ago | reply

      That's so cool! Will have to try this in the summer!

    14. lesbeeinart 82 months ago | reply

      Very impressive...what kind of sand works that way? Is that the sand from Puerto Rico? I love it...

    15. Dr. İftwood 63 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called all about driftwood, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    16. occhidaorientale 56 months ago | reply

      ...Awesome sandman!!!
      Enjoy this video about an Italian Sandman:



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