Anemone Geyser Erupting (1:12)

This is Anemone Geyser, a little double-vented geyser very near to Old Faithful in Yellowstone Nat'l Park. It's long been a favorite of mine, and should appeal to anyone whose attention span is as short as mine is. It's never more than a few minutes between eruptions, and the eruptions don't go very long.


The pools are small, maybe 5-10 feet across, and the eruptions shoot about that high. It's a good little warm-up act for the bigger geysers and something fun to space out and stare at after you've spent all day walking around.


Anemone's behavior changes over time. I've seen it when one pool would fill up, go splashy-splashy-splash, then drain, then the outher pool would do the same, and it just ping-ponged back and forth like that. This eruption has the far vent full and going off the whole time while the near vent starts empty, fills up, does some pretty energetic splashing, and drains again.


If you've never seen a geyser, I highly recommend going to Yellowstone or whatever other field might be handy (sadly, there aren't very many of them) and checking some out. They're so bizarre and pretty and rare. Stinky, sure - so be glad Flickr hasn't included smelleo yet. But you get used to the sulphury ponk after you've been in the geyser field a couple hours or so.


I shot this in about 2002, I think. I badly need to go by Yellowstone with the hefty digicam in tow.


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Taken sometime in 2002