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I got tagged by this girly:


I've never done these but I thought you were meant to tag everyone in your contacts, so sorry if I was mistaken ha.


Here goes nothing...


1. I've never done one of these.

2. My name is Samantha, but everybody calls me Sam. I wish my name was Evelynn though.

3. I used to be somewhat germaphobic, over the years it's gotten a lot better though.

4. I have shorter hair than my brother and I love dying it.

5. I want to do art for a living.

6. I have a pet parakeet and his name is Kiala. :3 I named him Kiala because when I was in 4th grade I thought he was a she, but I now know that he is a boy. Oh welll, I still slip up and call him a she and all that. I hope he can't tell.

7. I was a pescatarian for 2 years and a vegetarian for 1 year, but now I eat meat every now and then. I stopped being a vegetarian because of my migraines, I don't get them nearly as much now. I only eat animals maybe once a week, I really don't even like it much. :/

8. I love nearly all music. Some of my favorites are Nirvana, Atmosphere, Crystal Castles, Modest Mouse and loads more. I spend 90% of my money on concerts.

9. I lovelovelove shopping at Goodwill! Even when I have a job and money I will always shop there <3

10. I'm not a big fan of high school but at the same time I don't want to grow up. I wish I could turn 25 and then just stop getting old.

11. If you actually read this you are cool in my book!

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Taken on January 18, 2011