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Memories | by samuelanwar ( Catching up..)
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“Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.” Becky Aligada


Memory shapes our lives .It builds us as what we are today...Locked into our minds ...some good some not.....infact they are just memories...we rank them "good not not" according to our likes and dislikes...I believe it would be appropriate to classify joys,fears,guilts....also as memories.....


Locked once they never vanish.They do get some rust but never leave the room in which they got once. As time goes on we keep refreshing the good ones and the bad ones keep refreshing themselves....


We catch these moments through our cameras , our eyes, our hands, our hearts and in to our soul...but the ultimate place where they rest is our mind....the most powerful storage where they can reside forever...its just like a lock put on and one has lost the key.....the lock stands there in guard even if it gets rusty...memories do sometimes fade and get rust but to remove them from your life one does not have any key for it...we can pretend that they are not there bt is that right ?


we all are blessed with this awesome power (good ones) and none of us is free from this curse (bad ones) as it appears to us at times but this not a fact. Many of us still remember that first crush in school, the way we used to dress and style our hair...those stupid things we did in our childhood and now when we recall them or some incident refreshes those moments we laugh at ourselves and enjoy those moments... yes they do makes u cry at times as well...but the great thing is that a balance is maintained by the existence of both....


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Taken on March 13, 2009