The Remote and Enchanting Doubtful Sound – Located in Fiordland National Park on New Zealand’s South Island – One of Sam’s Exotic Travels.
First discovered and named Doubtful Harbour by Captain Cook, who did not enter it as he was doubtful if there was an exit back to the Tasman Sea, Doubtful Sound is an unspoiled wilderness of many moods. It is the second largest of the 14 fiords in Fiordland National Park and is three times longer and 10 times larger than the more accessible Milford Sound.

Reachable only by boat from Lake Manapouri and then overland by Wilmot Pass or by sea, Doubtful Harbour, located in a World Heritage Area, is practically untouched by man. The physical grandeur of towering peaks descending into moody waters, outstanding waterfalls from high-up ice-age valleys and fiords clad with ancient vegetation, create a powerful atmosphere of solitude and serenity.
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