Lake Mahinapua, Fox Glacier and Lake Hawea , New Zealand South Island and One of Sam’s Exotic Travels
After an early morning tour of Punakaiki, our second day was spent driving down the west coast . We took in Lake Mahinapua, Fox Glacier and took the Haast Pass over the mountains past Lake Wanaka on the right and Lake Hawea on the left to Wanaka, where we spent the night. One of the highlights, Mount Cook, pretty well stayed hidden due to its cloud covers and as I accidentally erased most of the pictures taken, including a couple of lakes, some nice shots of Fox Glacier and while driving over Haast Pass and sunset over Lake Wanaka the photos for the day are kind of scant, but I have them stored in my memory but makes it tough to share with you. Anyway, here’s four pics from the day.
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