two tree swallows, papercut

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    A commission that stands out as a first for me -- for a wedding invitation! I was extremely flattered to see someone who had enough faith in me to make them something for that day. The party even said I could do whatever I wanted, they trustd me and my work that much! Let me tell you, that is a trusting party. So, putting aside the thoughts of death and cruelty for the moment, i focused on these little tree swallows. There are a lot of them around my area, and I have always enjoyed watching them fly all around.
    Measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/8". (in a private collection)

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    1. snailbooty ages ago | reply

      incredible work!! much nicer than any traditional wedding invite,(which are rather spooky in my opinion)..

    2. Melvind [deleted] ages ago | reply

      yeah...really special...they'll be proud to issue them :-)

    3. pbrigitte zombuki ages ago | reply

      This is really beautiful!

    4. lolitanie ages ago | reply

      you put aside death and cruelty ... but in small, the pine cones and the whole made me think it was a snake mouth with something inside being swallowed.
      i have to put aside death and cruelty as well !

    5. miikkahoo ages ago | reply

      Nice, Instant favourite!

    6. carin_sloan ages ago | reply

      hay Will these are really beautifull
      the swallows were alwas fluttering about at the boat club too
      and hence a favorite of mine as well
      the composition is perfectly compleat
      great for a wedding

    7. william schaff ages ago | reply

      thank, thank you, all very much.

    8. JJ Wertz ages ago | reply

      holy crap, I don't really condone marriage, but I gotta say, if I ever do take on ye' ole' ball n' chain, you are doing the invitations. and then i'm getting divorced, and keeping them all. the invitations that is.

    9. william schaff ages ago | reply

      you say the sweetest things, Julia.

    10. C. William Johnston ages ago | reply

      if i get married you can do my invitations too ,but you can keep the death and cuelty in them ,after all isn't that what marridge is about hahah ..
      all jokes aside this is very nice will

    11. william schaff ages ago | reply

      Thank you,Broken. for your invite, ishall do a wonderful mountain top scene, all snowy, with you and you betrothed, blissfully unaware of the yeti coming down the mountain behind you, to eat you both.

    12. tpd4eva ages ago | reply

      Hi Will,
      really impressive range of work. The papercuts are especially beautiful.
      Great to see you two last night. Let me know if you have an opening coming up.

    13. william schaff ages ago | reply

      Hello Thea. It was good getting together will all of you as well. Thanks for checking out the work. Maybe you will post some of your own. i would love to get a better understanding of what it is you and Jodi do.

    14. tpd4eva ages ago | reply

      My website is suposed to be finished by the end of Feb (we'll see...). I'll send you the link as soon as it is done. The work is much more commercial, of course, and not nearly as gorgeous or personal for that reason.
      See you around - do let me know of any openings as Mike and I would like to come.
      Have great holidays! - T

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