An emboridered Jesus, being a carpenter

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    A recently finished commission, Jesus as a carpenter. Measuring 8 1/2" x 10 1/2", it was fun to do. Never really thought about doing an image of Jesus as a carpenter. The fellow who commissioned it is also in the carpentry business, so this should look pretty swell on his jacket while he is on the job.
    Hand embroidered
    (in the private collection of E. Ciccerone)

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    1. carlosr888 104 months ago | reply

      Awwww, cooool! I'm a HUGE fan of religous imagery. I love the old religous paintings from WAY back when. This is excellent man, just excellent. I really dig this a lot. Great work.

    2. william schaff 104 months ago | reply

      Thanks, as always, Mr. Crunch. If you like religious imagery, you should check out the group "religiou s iconography". This image is posted in it, so the group should have a link on the right of this page.

    3. Melvind [deleted] 104 months ago | reply

      awesome william....the intricacy and detail are breathtaking....great piece

    4. amykins1111 104 months ago | reply

      This is simply stunning.Wonderful needlework and color. You did this all by hand too huh? Just a guess because of the angles and varing sizes of the stitches. anyhow it's really impressive and a wonderful image

    5. william schaff 104 months ago | reply

      oh yeah! All by hand. I do a little sketch on the fabric before starting, but half the fun is figuring it out while you are doing. Also, the fabric is stretch over an old picture frame, whih accounts a lot for why so many of my borders are never even. I figure it adds to the handmade feel of it.

    6. pooair 104 months ago | reply

      You're right, all of those little beautiful crooks and crinkles make the piece that much more special. I love how the blue is arcing down upon him!
      Another awe evoking embroidery is under your handsome belt, Will. Feel happy!

    7. Carly & Art 104 months ago | reply

      fantastic thread painting technique. really nicely done. I love the angles of the framing. it adds to the over all feel.

    8. doug boehm 104 months ago | reply

      this is nuts. I'm not religious but this is beautiful. I to like religious iconography. I want to start a collection of religious iconography from around the world. I want a Vishnu next to a Buddha next to a crucifix.

    9. william schaff 103 months ago | reply

      Thank you, pooair, carly & art, and doug. Doug, you should check out that religious icon group I mentioned above to Facecrunch. It's really a great group to look at if you are into such imagery.
      I have to admit, poo, I do feel quite happy with this patch, thanks.

    10. cw_roelle 103 months ago | reply

      the blue wall is great, especially the boards shadow.when is the embroidery show?

    11. william schaff 103 months ago | reply

      Thanks, CW. No plans for a show yet (other than in my head). I would have to get a lot of clothes from folks to do the many of the patches are all over the place.

    12. ! ramblinworker 103 months ago | reply

      I love JC as a down to earth carpenter.

      Embroidered Mountain
      click on photo

    13. fiberdetails 67 months ago | reply

      very, very nice!

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