2018 June 18 - Pioneer Day - Miamisburg Bicentennial
Please enjoy edited pictures from Pioneer Day.

Here are some of the events and places of the pics:

- Miami-Erie Canal Marker Dedication - Community Park, on the south side of town
- Great Lakes Timber Show
- Stan the Magic Pioneer Man
- Heritage Village Open House: Activities include one-room schoolhouse experience, pioneer life experience, horse-drawn carriage rides, petting zoo, old-time craft demonstrations and much more!
- Old Time Craft Demonstrations (With spinner, weaver, quilter. Traditional Arts and Crafts Demonstration - Hand-quilting, spinning fabric and threads into yarn, and a card weaver. With nothing more than colored yarn and simple cardboard squares, crafters can produce exquisitely patterned woven bands)
- Patty Frazee, Pioneer Re-enactor
- Star City Dulcimers
- Cincinnati Dancing Pigs Jug Band
- Pioneer Period Attire Promenade
- The Vintage Ramblers
- Square Dancing with Jack Pladdys
- Night Magic
- Noah Wotherspoon Band (Blues)
- Carnival Rides by Happy H Attractions
- Food Trucks & Concessions

For more information and other pics from Bicentennial Events throughout the week, please visit:

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