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In summer 2007 I did a short work placement in Zürich and had the opportunity to play with some lead type. As it was the 50th birthday of Helvetica and I was in its home country I thought it would be only fair to celebrate it, so I designed and printed this poster to illustrate a small but important change in the typefaces development.

With support from Alex, Valeria & Diego / Bonbon, Rahel, Esther, Rebecca and Roger I produced a series of A3 poster displaying upper and lower case 72pt. Halbfett Haas Grotesk in one colour and upper and lower case 72pt. Halbfett Helvetica in another.

I printed and numbered 100 posters in various colours. You can see the colours and photos of the printing stages here.

If anyone would like to buy one, please contact me at samuel(dot)mallett(at)gmail(dot)com
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