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365/365: Infinite | by -Little Voice-
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365/365: Infinite

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for our little infinity.


Wow. 365 days. A year.


I have had one crazy year.


I started this project on the first day of freshmen year, and I’m ending it on the first day of the second week of sophomore.


I had a camera. I took a lot of photos. I read a lot of books. I sang in a musical. I made so many friends. I met people who I never imagined meeting. I wrote. I listened to new music. I nudged myself into high school. I went places, and in turn found places I belonged. I learned. I grew. I changed. I turned fifteen. I laughed. I smiled. I loved myself sometimes.


I cried too. I got angry. I had days were I didn’t want to crawl out of bed, and some days, I didn’t. I couldn’t. I found myself in difficult places. I found myself on hard paths. I didn’t take exactly 365 photos. I hated myself sometimes.


The camera I hold in my hands today is much different than the one I held a year ago.

And I still don’t know much about it.


It’s okay, though.


The journey, the learning of that camera and those photos and that person that is me, myself, and I is what really mattered in the end, even if I didn’t unearth all of it.


There are always more adventures.


I climbed a lot of staircases this year. I climbed a six story building every day to get to my Physics class first thing in the mornings, and I climbed those stairs to get to homeroom and Math and all my classes. I climbed the staircase of this project forcing myself to climb with a camera over my neck and a tripod in my hands. I climbed a staircase of high school, forcing myself to find others forcing their way up too. I climbed a staircase of myself, pushing myself to keep going even when I was looking over it and wondering what would happen if I just fell and fell and fell. That staircase hasn’t ended yet. It is infinite. It’s going to continue on, and I’m going to have to trudge on up it, even when my sides hurt from breathing too hard, even when I don’t want to go on. Because that’s what you do. You trudge on.


And sometimes, though the trudging is hard, it’s also wonderful too.


So thank you all for trudging with me, thank you for the comments and the favorites and the things you do that make me smile. Thank you to my Flickr friends: Riley, Korinne, Beth, Meg, Megan, Mary, Xin, Lina, Gina, Laura, Julia, Ann, Jessica, Emma, Regan, Gaia, Olivia, Eva, Zia, Lauren, Amy, Katie, Maria, Eva, Celine, Pat, and Malena (if I’m forgetting someone, I’m super sorry), for being so kind and inspiring me so much. Thank you to my other girls: Isabella, Rachel, Sarah, Abby, and Madie, for being the best friends a girl can ask for. Thank you Sarah for being beautiful and being my first friend on Flickr, thank you Kiara for listening, and thank you Kay Kay for giving me so much while I gave you so little in return.


Can’t wait for next journey with all of you.


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Taken on September 9, 2012