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Be Free | by Samantha Stock
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Be Free

[141/366] Guys. I went out and took almost 400 photos in about an hour. It made me happy. :)


I was tagged by the lovely Kay Kay soo here goes my attempt to say 20 random things about myself...


1. In my mind.. I live at Hogwarts.

2. I enjoy sappy romantic movies a little too much..

3. I love frozen yogurt!

4. I could eat breakfast food for every meal of the day.

5. I wish I could play piano.. and guitar.. and cello.. and harmonica..

6. Jamming out to country music in my car is my favorite past time.

7. I want to play in a symphony one day. It doesn't have to be a crazy fancy one.. I just never want to stop playing my viola.

8. I'm better at listening than talking.

9. I am on Flickr waaaaaayyyyyyyy too much..

10. NUTELLA :)

11. I'm not very good at taking selfies.. I'll add that to the list for the summer (3 more days!)

12. Nicholas Sparks books are pretty much all the same, but I love them all and they make me bawl every time!

13. Josh Hutcherson♥

14. All your guys' awesome-ness kind of intimidates me sometimes (ok, a lot of the time..)

15. I can't wait to be done with high school.

16. I love all of you who are still reading these....

17. Reeces.

18. I'm waiting for the summer to download the free trial of Lightroom 4.

19. Mumford and Sons.

20. I feel like as my 366 has gone on, everyone who has commented on my photos or inspired with me theirs has seriously changed my life! And there are so many more than 20 of you.. I LOVE YOU ALL.



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Taken on May 20, 2012