3d pan white

Strobist Tea

Nikon F4 with Konica Minolta Centuria 100S negative film.


Strobist info: SB600 on tripod behind shot at umbrella. Umbrella above teacup and saucer with reflectors in front. Cup and saucer sitting on black velvet which is continued slightly up and behind to give continuous black background. Shot on self-timer with manual tea pouring (tripod, obviously -- since I don't have three hands nor an army of assistants).


I shot other versions with the D80 also but I'm basically a luddite and I like the feel of the film version. Since I shot the test shots on the D80 with my 50mm f1.4 prime I did these film ones with my MF 35-105 Macro (so-called) zoom so I could zoom to 75mm and get the same shot from the same tripod position.


I also forgot to do the "coins" verification shot (D'OH!) so I'll have to shoot that separately on the odd chance that I win. Shouldn't be too hard since I have all the stuff here to set it up again with (except the time). I promise on a stack of bibles (and there's probably ten or more in my house) that I shot this in the period for the assignment. I could even get a sworn statement from the guy at the minilab who ran my film...


OK, other details. It's real tea and it's hot. Even the milk was hot. Still, no visible steam. Ah well... I'm a tea drinker so this was a natural one for me.

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Taken on July 11, 2009