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Ears that don't listen | by sam2cents
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Ears that don't listen

Jew's Ear Fungus - Auricularia auricula-judae: I described the association of this fungus with Judas Iscariot previously, so I'm linking here. Unfortunately, I must stress that it's NOT racist, as there are, equally unfortunately, so many PC Nazis running around loose these days. And for their benefit I must also say I said "Unfortunately, I must say", NOT "Unfortunately, it's not racist".

For the benefit of morons.


We are having a General Election, and on Friday we cast our votes. Today I had the "privilege" of meeting one of the local candidates. Everything was going well, he seemed fine, but then when he heard about my website (tourism is a major issue now, having been dismissed for a decade) he quickly said: "have you seen the website we's great isn't it?" referring to the official Visit Wicklow website, run by the local council, of which he is a member. I replied: "as a website it's fine, but it's more geared towards businesses than attracting tourists to heritage..."

"No, it's not. There's lots of stuff on there. It's a great website. Anyway, I hope you'll consider voting for me: none of the other candidates know as much about business as I do." He then shook my hand with just the right amount of pressure to feign earnestness, while carefully making just the right amount of eye contact.


He wasn't a bad guy, but I won't be voting for him. He didn't listen to what I had to say, he just steamrolled over it and told me how I should think...and this man thinks he has the qualifications to ensure my interests are represented in parliament?


The truth is I always like to ask a question like that. I like to see the reaction: is this person seeking to represent me or him/herself in parliament?


That's the state of politics today: they study carefully how to shake hands, make eye-contact...and then force you to listen to them, rather than them listen to what you have to say.


There's a whole generation of stagnant, self-interested, useless political candidates out there, and they just don't get it! They simply do not understand what democracy is, or how it should work...

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Taken on February 22, 2011