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Falla Nou Campanar: the 2007 winner. | by Salva del Saz
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Falla Nou Campanar: the 2007 winner.

Valencia is more than the America's Cup Host City and the City of Arts and Sciences, is also the cradle of the world known dish 'paella' and the city were every year the Fallas are raised to be burnt the night of Saint Joseph on March the 19th.


Photo taken at dawn, the sun was behind the monument as it's obvious.


'Falla Nou Campanar: the 2007 winner.' On Black


Form Wikipedia:


The Falles (in Valencian) or Fallas (in Spanish) are a Valencian tradition which celebrates Saint Joseph's Day (19 March) in Valencia, Spain. Each neighbourhood of the city has an organized group of people, the Casal faller, that works all year long holding fund raising parties and dinners, usually featuring the famous speciality paella, and of course much music and laughter.


Each casal faller produces a construction known as a falla which is eventually burnt.


Formerly, much time would also be spent at the Casal Faller preparing the ninots (Valencian for puppets or dolls). During the week leading up to 19 March, each group takes its ninot out for a grand parade, and then mounts it, each on its own elaborate firecracker-filled cardboard and papier-mâché artistic monument in a street of the given neighborhood. This whole assembly is a falla.


The ninots and their falles are developed according to an agreed upon theme that was, and continues to be a satirical jab at anything or anyone unlucky enough to draw the attention of the critical eyes of the fallers — the celebrants themselves. In modern times, the whole two week long festival has spawned a huge local industry, to the point that an entire suburban area has been designated the City of Falles — Ciutat fallera. Here, crews of artists and artisans, sculptors, painters, and many others all spend months producing elaborate constructions, richly absurd paper and wax, wood and styrofoam tableaux towering up to five stories, composed of fanciful figures in outrageous poses arranged in gravity-defying architecture, each produced at the direction of the many individual neighbourhood Casals faller who vie with each to attract the best artists, and then to create the most outrageous monument to their target. There are more than 500 different falles in Valencia, including those of other towns in the Land of Valencia.

HDR panorama.


Canon Powershot Pro1.

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Taken on March 18, 2007