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☰☱☲☳☴☵☶☷ ♻ Ona Mandin | by Jason Hargrove
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☰☱☲☳☴☵☶☷ ♻ Ona Mandin

RT @nosaj_evorgrah: ♘♞ To you from me ♫ ♫ Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds



__I've got fourth grade on my mind__



I hear Mr Weidel say: "Ms Mandin" and "What happened" then "Woah easy". He's picking me up off the floor and everything's blurry. "Easy."



▋ RT @nosaj_evorgrah: "Weidel's crazy," he tells her, imitating his father. "But he's a helluva coach! And one helluva American."



"I'm ok. I'm just dizzy." I say, looking away. I hate to have to lie to Mr Weidel.



▋If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. ▋ Mark Twain, Notebook. January 1894



I turn back before stepping out the door, fixing my gym shorts. "Sir, did I say anything? When I was, um, out?"



"You didn't say a thing. Just plain knocked out," he frowns again, stepping forward. "Are you _sure you're okay?"



_This is really starting to get out of hand_ I think, pulling up my bag. He steps forward again so I hurry away and I say, "Everything's just fine."



▋ RT @nosaj_evorgrah: "I saw her fall, and disappear and fall.. I feel crazy," Mr Weidel shares with his wife. "Indeed," she replies.



▋ "The real bitch is the baggage," @OnaMandin thinks, just as she steps back in time.




♳ Chapter 1 RECAP ♳ Twitter Story, "Beginning", illustrated: #future #memories @MargaretAtwood

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Uploaded on December 12, 2006