Our egg colors so far

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    These are all the colors of eggs our chickens lay. This spring we will also be adding a dark olive green to the collection.

    From left to right, top to bottom:

    Ameraucana egg, Ameraucana egg, Easter Egger egg, Polish egg, Jersey Giant egg, Wyandotte egg, Marans egg, Marans egg, and Marans egg.

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    1. Hesterb 52 months ago | reply

      They look lovely. What a rainbow of colours. We get Wyandotte, Red Shaver and Orpington eggs.

    2. hopenfox 51 months ago | reply

      Love the look of the delicious dark chocolate Marans egg on the far right. Such a pity they aren't in Australia...

    3. Églantine 39 months ago | reply

      And they all get along? Or do they need and adjustment period?

    4. fire22kolar 35 months ago | reply

      They all get along. I now (2012) have even more colors than this carton shows.

    5. normanack 35 months ago | reply

      Very, very pretty eggs! I'm impressed by how blue the first one is. How do you know if a hen is an Ameraucana or an Easter egger? Do you trust the seller? Is the egg color (blue vs. green) the determining factor?

    6. fire22kolar 35 months ago | reply

      In most cases do not trust the seller unless they really do know the difference and are breeding their colors separately. Egg color isn't always a definite factor as some Ameraucanas do lay greenish eggs although not wanted, and many Easter Eggers lay blue eggs. The biggest things to look for is that Easter Eggers are far more common, usually come in a variety of colors most often brown shades, they most often have greenish legs and yellow soles, and are sold by hatcheries, feedstores, and your local backyard breeder. Ameraucanas are never found at hatcheries, feedstores, and rarely from local breeders. They only come in certain recognized colors of which should not be mixed when breeding, and only have blue or black legs with white/pink soles.

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