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Celestial illumination

This is an image I shot on a spectacular evening just oustide Tromsø, Northern-Norway.


BTW! Sequences from this place was also shot in my northern lights short-film which I spent 6monts to create, shot with 150.000 still images, I recommend taking a look here:

Celestial Lights on Vimeo


A forecasted CME hit earth, though not as strong as expected, still the lightshow over our heads was just fantastic!!


In the frame you can see my friend Truls standing there on the road, doing the same as me, shooting one of the most insane auroras from this season! Intense colors, fast movement, awesome curtains and an absolutely fantastic corona on top! This was shot just outside the city of Tromsø, Norway.


Curtains, bows, coronas, red auroras, this night had it all. In this shot I aimed from close to the ground using my 15mm Fullframe Fisheye to dig in most possible of the action, using the road and my friend to put things into perspective.


The 15mm on a full frame body captures almost 180degrees, so you can imagine the scale of this one!!


LOTS more of shot from this evening, will keep me busy for a while, hehe :)


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Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Canon EF 15mm 2.8 Fisheye, f/3.5 6sec, ISO3200.


Hope you like it!


Edit July 19th: An updated version of the photo has been uploaded where shadows has been lifted slightly to better display the structure in darker ares. The initial version was more or less a a straight out of the camera shot.




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Taken on November 29, 2011