Tango shoes I have known
In my mix:

Comme il Faut: new, used and abused by me since March 2007. They have the designer looks, no question. Can feel a bit unforgiving on the stone floors of BsAs. Better for me on wood, though the leather sole can be slippy - you might want to get a suede sole added, which you can request in the shop, for a few extra pesos. I will buy again one day, just because I can't resist the sex factor.

Greta Flora: never actually owned by me, but loved by my friends. The flowers and the rich colours of the leathers add the unique touch, plus, the craftmanship is excellent.

2x4alpie: Sallycat's 2009 choice, and the boys love their man shoe trendy looks which I do not think can be bettered. The interchangeable sole is unique and it works, you never have to fear an unexpectedly slippery floor again - just change the sole! Utter genius! The quality of materials and craftmanship is top notch. Comfort and flexibility second to none in my book.
Carlos has been wearing his with pride since 2007 (this wine coloured leather is no longer available) and my gold practice shoes were born then too. In 2009 I added the black and white tango heels to our little 2x4alpie family.
Having actually danced in them, and changed the soles a few times, I would buy again without hesitation. My feet will insist that I do!

DNI: Barbie's 2009 choice, but absolutely they are the business to dance in, and they have a part rubber sole for stability on the slippery floor - but not changeable like the 2x4alpies so less good on stone floors that sweat, as some do in BsAs. Great level of comfort. I would buy again.
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