Flickr lovers
beetorstevie and sally_jane ate dark chocolate, photographed things, swam often, played scrabble, hugged trees, skipped down the road, and dreamed of a wondrous life..
He in England, and she in Australia..
And then on flickr, he saw her vegan pizza, and she his flower filled eyes..
Words trickled between, and life around them continued on..
The words multiplied, until flickr messages could no longer contain them, and phonelines began carrying their nervous voices to each other..
Every time he said her name, her heart flipped a little.. And love grew.. and grew.. Exchanges of flickr photos and messages continued, and the thousands of miles between them never lessened, until...

On November 13th 2007, Beetorstevie arrived in Australia. In the airport, jet lagged and full of butterflies, he tapped her on the shoulder. Face to face for the first time, they held the other close, and breathed each other in, oblivious to the surrounding throng.
That night, blissfully, they fell asleep in each others arms.
In the days that followed, there were many adventures, big and small. They thought their previous, six hour long conversations, had equiped them with a good understanding of each other... but every day, there was an unfolding... something new to appreciate, and admire. They agreed, their faces aged more in those months, than in any months previous. Wrinkles appeared and deepened. But then too, she had never laughed so much, as she did when they were together. There was just so much joy- and their faces showed it! There was grief and loss too, but he held her small bits, delicately and with tenderness, until her smile returned. They shared a deliciously engulfing sense of intimacy and safety, and love grew, and grew... Sometimes, she was sure her heart would simply explode from all the love she felt...

And the rest?
Well, you'll just have to wait and see....

Praise be, (and gratitude), to flickr, and all the miraculous ways of the universe, that make such love stories possible!
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