Clay Slip Straw Workshops at Salamander Springs Farm
Clay Slip Straw Building Workshops at Salamander Springs Farm, Berea, KY since 2011. Includes clay prep, mixing, packing clay slip straw into wall cavities, clay finish plasters, lime wash.

Workshops focused on a split-level building on a foundation that steps with the slope of the land. The upper back room (north side) houses the farm's solar electric system, chest freezer and cold storage. It has a lime-crete floor (no portland cement used).
The building is oriented on the site for passive solar gain with south-facing glass and none on the north. In winter the sun penetrates across the floor of the front room and interior wall, providing mass for storage of heat gain. The sunny front space is a garden potting space for spring transplants, tropical plants, trees and other perennial root cuttings. The front room will have a brick floor (ecycled from the chimney of a 150 year-old house in Berea).
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