How much life ahead, how much happiness and sadness on the way

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    We don’t choose to be born, don’t choose to come to this world and live our lives. Our parents choose it for us. Many times life becomes a cruel beast, devastating and evil. Many times everything is twisted and misery falls like a bird of prey on us. In many cases we think that living is the worst thing that can happen to us and that we are alone and helpless on a road full of obstacles and tripping ... and yet I think that life is worth it, still.


    Nosotros no elegimos nacer, no elegimos venir a este mundo y vivir nuestra vida. Nuestros padres eligen por nosotros. Muchas veces, en muchos casos la vida se convierte en una bestia cruel, devastadora y malvada. Muchas veces todo se tuerce y las desgracias caen como aves rapaces sobre nosotros. En muchos casos llegamos a pensar que vivir es lo peor que nos puede acontecer y que estamos sólos y desvalidos en un camino repleto de trabas y zancadillas… y sin embargo y aún así creo que la vida bien merece la pena todavía


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    2. Ana.Caldas 84 months ago | reply

      of course i like very much!

    3. WithoutLightIAm [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      For everyone living in paradise there are others tasting hell....Some might argue that life is suffered onto some of us. Some might argue that the unknown of what happens to us when we die keeps us hanging on. You're right, we don't ask to be born and we certainly don't ask to be scarred, abused or robbed of our only innocent time, our childhood. We don't ask for suffering and misery but sometimes they creep up on us. A friend of mine passed away this year and I tell myself that he did it because he couldn't live with all his pain, that he just wanted to find peace.. a peace that death could only bring him. I get it, I've been there .. that darkness, you know. So I dunno I would say it like life is worth it, I do know that I would say our journey is worth it. We have one journey, if we chose to end it we don't have another. That's it, no more journey. But if we can fight through, then at some point in the future, we can have that one moment that brings happyness. It may be a book or a movie that makes you smile or it may be having a hang out with a close friend with music, drink , food and just a great conversation... but just for that one moment .... it's all worthwhile because those are the important times. Embrace the pain because somewhere in this fucked up world, someone is feeling the same as you.

      Great picture and great words my friend.

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      Here's to a good and happy life :)

    6. Carlos Bolívar Girón 84 months ago | reply

      Madre mía !!! Qué expresión tan desconcertante... tan madura.... tan ambigua. Sus ojos son de escandalo... pedazo de retrato y muy de acuerdo con el texto... tremenda! Abrazos !

    7. PIXELMAO 84 months ago | reply

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    8. d'acqua 84 months ago | reply

      Visto in Foto dell'anima
      Foto dell'anima

    9. K. Storch 84 months ago | reply

      Me ha impactado mucho este retrato, hay algo en su gesto que me revolotea por dentro. IMPRESIONANTE.

    10. ScarlettGhost (on a break from this) [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      Really beautiful portrait!
      I think the trick is not to wait for a great big good thing to happen but to enjoy all the small little things just as much. There are a lot of good souls out there too.
      Scarlett x

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    13. adrianabernal 84 months ago | reply

      uffffff!! quebuena foto!!!!!!... es increible que en un cuerpo tan pequeño exista un alma tan anciana... un fuerte abrazooo

    14. Origin of Symmetry [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      .excruciatingly powerful.

      Seen in arrakala (groove) (?)

    15. .alucenando 84 months ago | reply

      Wow !!! muy intenso !!

    16. marcelo ds 83 months ago | reply

      tristemente el mundo ha cambiado un monton , ya son pocos los paises donde los niñ@s puede jugar por la vereda sin mideo y con la inocencia que tan importante es.

      una fotazaaa y muy buenas palabras de tu parte


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    20. Asturias42 [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      Un niño que no parece un niño. Genial el plano que elegiste para sacar el retrato. Te está mirando desde "su altura", esperando respuestas.

      Me ha impresionado muchísimo. Me la llevo.

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