potato stamps

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    1. girlwithgreencard 59 months ago

      It tickles me that you're stamping pomegranates with a potato. I approve! :)

    2. secret agent josephine 59 months ago

      I wanted to stamp with a pomegranate but they weren't quite in season yet when I had to do this craft! They're due to come in at the end of this month and my deadline is today! I think potatoes are more stampy anyway.

    3. girlwithgreencard 59 months ago

      Don't get me wrong - I love potatoes, but it does seem scandalously wasteful to me to print with a pomegranate when printing with a potato seems completely normal. I guess perhaps because I grew up where pomegranates were special and exotic?!
      I think it'd be fun to stamp with a pomegranate just to see how it would turn out.

    4. secret agent josephine 59 months ago

      Me too. I'm going to try it as soon as the pomegranates on my next door neighbor's tree get ripe. :)

    5. girlwithgreencard 59 months ago

      I might just come for a social visit with that tree when this occurs. Hee, hee. It'd be lovely to see you (and the pomegranates).

    6. secret agent josephine 59 months ago

      I'd love that. I'll keep you posted. :)

    7. girlwithgreencard 59 months ago

      Yay! Sounds good. :)

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