Joan of Arc - Donato Giancola, 2011

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    Painting Joan of Arc with Donato Giancola

    I'm no good at hype — that said, in portraying a moment in history, artist Donato Giancola has perhaps in fact unknowingly MADE history. This painting is very much destined to embark upon a fast-track to international fame and quickly escalating appreciation, in every sense. So if by any chance the art community of France fails to seek the most honourable and dignified patriation of this work, by any and all means, I will have to assume that the painting has struck them all blind... as, I must admit, my own eyes have been somewhat stricken to swim inconsolably since I've seen it.

    From my vantage point, Donato Giancola's true talent is the ability to see. His depiction of Joan "in her moment" prevents me from holding back my tears... Six centuries after Joan of Arc's birth, someone has FINALLY captured her true essence and her experience for all time!

    The image has God's breath upon it. I hope and I pray that Giancola's Joan of Arc will find it's way onto French soil — it is without question or doubt (or equal) the single most important depiction of Saint Joan of Arc ever created.

    Donato Giancola's name should rightfully be forever linked with THE defining image of Saint Joan of Arc...


    Codi von Richthofen,
    Saint Joan of Arc Superstar ©

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    1. sylkky2 37 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your
      spiritual image in Spirit of God
       Spirit of God

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    2. sylkky2 36 months ago | reply

      I agree, Exquisite Artwork!

      ~*Passionate Inspirations Excellence*~

      A Definite Favorite!!
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    3. addie65 36 months ago | reply

      Powerful and gorgeous!
      Codi, even though I am an athiest and I am to the core, your description of how you feel about this painting was beautiful and I get it!
      You so,totally, rock, Codi!

    4. Saint Joan of Arc Superstar © 36 months ago | reply

      Thanks, my LA PUCELLE friends !

      Merci beaucoup.


      Greetings, Sylvia :)



      Addie, it's always the best thing to hear from you !



      Codi von R.

    5. Gislaadt Art 36 months ago | reply

      Bravo Codi, that's epic,

      Sorry for my late.

      I was preparing my second vernissage..

    6. El Aguilucho 36 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your photo
      Merci de partager votre photo


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    7. Zaki :) 34 months ago | reply

      Brilliant, awesome. Great work.

    8. vivsirena ( *On & Off* ) 29 months ago | reply

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    9. Saint Joan of Arc Superstar © 29 months ago | reply

      Merci beaucoup, my LA PUCELLE recruits !

      Thanks again.


      Salut, Cédric, mon cher ami :)



      Codi von R.

    10. Arkadious 28 months ago | reply


    11. Kooklamou - MA., USA 28 months ago | reply

      Oh sooo stunning a piece!!!! W O W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      This is a beautiful image!!
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    12. gtercero 28 months ago | reply

      Esta hermosa foto fue vista en:
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    13. WOUsparky 27 months ago | reply


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    14. lopez4949™ 10 months ago | reply

      intense painting. very "in the moment" -lopez4949

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