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Joan Rallys the Troops — Scene from 'Joan of Arc: Child of War, Soldier of God' | Faith & Values Media © 2005

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I've seen many film portrayals of Saint Joan of Arc, but none have rattled me or brought me to tears except this one, which never fails to.


In this excerpt from the 2005 docudrama Joan of Arc: Child of War, Soldier of God, we see Czechoslovakian singer & actress Lucie Vondráčková playing Joan of Arc. I'd say Vondráčková is presently my favourite film incarnation of Joan... only because none of the other cinematic depictions I've seen of Joan of Arc come close to the image I have of her in my mind's eye — the actresses have all seemed like bubblegum chewers. Lucie is far from being a dead ringer, mind you... but she'll do just fine ;)


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Codi von Richthofen,

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