Aqua Zoom aquarium at a department store in Tokyo, Japan

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    I think it was my second trip to Japan when I first visited a small (tiny by American standards, about 3 or 4 hundred square feet at the most) aquarium shop in Tokyo called Aqua Zoom. Back then it was down a small street right across from the Kabuki-za in Ginza. It was the best room of fish tanks I’d ever seen, nothing in America could even come close to the quality on display there. The plants, the fish, all perfect, not a brown leaf or tattered fin in the whole place. That was the first place that I saw the fish magazine called Aqua Journal the best fish and plant magazine in the world (my opinion). Every picture is of the highest quality, the tanks are perfection, not the 1970’s recycled pictures that still show up in our magazines. This magazine is made with pride, and every time I’m over there I buy every issue that I can find. The shop moved to the North East of Tokyo into a department Store, it sits at the bottom of a half round staircase open above to the upper floors. It’s been many years since I was there but the last time I was in Tokyo I was walking down the street and saw this beautiful tank at the entrance of another department store. The sign on it said it was set up and maintained by Aqua Zoom I was really happy to know they were still around.
    I find it amazing that something so beautiful can be open to the public right on the sidewalk without it being destroyed.

    A big thank you to Viktorlantos for finding the website for Aqua Zoom!

    If you love planted tanks here is the link to the Amano Design web site:

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    1. Vitamin G ages ago | reply

      Love this shot!

    2. sazure ages ago | reply

      Beautiful - thanks for sharing... slm

    3. saimo_mx70 ages ago | reply

      Glad you liked it sazure! Thank you for the comments.
      Sorry what does "slm" mean? :)

    4. ***Yuna*** ages ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing, this is gorgeous = )

    5. saimo_mx70 ages ago | reply

      Thank you for taking the time to comment Yuna! I'm glad you liked the picture, I think it's one of the best tanks I've ever seen.

    6. dpk2313 117 months ago | reply

      Id love to have something like this

    7. viktorlantos 112 months ago | reply

      here you are:
      lovely shot thanks for sharing ;)

    8. saimo_mx70 112 months ago | reply

      THANK YOU VIKTOR!!!!!!!!!!

      Your the best for finding their website! :o

      Did you like the mist tanks?

    9. viktorlantos 112 months ago | reply

      you're welcome :)
      yeah they looks awesome. i try to follow some of those styles on my new 120cm tank. love the bolbitis, moss combinations

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