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Black Mist | by Master Sagh
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Black Mist

No one knows the origins of the Black Mist… some say he was once a man that was consumed by the black magic that exudes from the talisman he uses and that this power changed his appearance over the centuries.

Others say that he is a creature risen from the depths of Hel by a maleficent witch that had plans to rule the world.

But what I know for sure is that if you have something that you need to “fix” … he is your best chance in getting things done.

I’m not fancy of all this Halloween stuff… and what I really hate is having kids knocking at my door asking for candies and egging my house when I don’t answer the door.

Sooooo… this year I summoned the Black Mist…

and he got me the solution for my problem.

I’m not quite sure of what will happen but he told me that all I have to do is spread some drops of this liquid enchantment across the lawn and… well… how can I put this…?

The kids won’t need to eat any chocolate to feel a massively huge and tremendously super urge to use the toilet.

This will be a very calm Halloween!


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Uploaded on October 31, 2016