History - 1987/04
Portraits (colour) of S McElroy, H Frangoulis, K Russo, JC Trinder, C Rusu, K Sippel, S Ganeshan, Lihua LI, JM Rüeger, FK Brunner, BR Harvey, A Stevens, JR Pollard, AHW Kearsley, EG Masters, MB Green, PS Amin, A Stolz, B Hirsch, P Lam, K Becek, C Rizos, BC Forster, L Daras, S Johnson. Since K. Bezek arrived in Australia only in January 1989, the photos must have been taken later in 1989 or in 1990 [pers. communication K. Becek 27.5.2009]. (25 photos)
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