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Introducing Câline, my new doggy! | by *Saffy*
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Introducing Câline, my new doggy!

Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folks, meet Câline (Kha-leen)! Nickname Lily (at home when we're speaking english) and LeeLee around everyone else.

Her name means both "loves hugs" and "huggable".

She's not used to having a name but she's starting to understand that Lily is her - when it suits her!.


Lily is 7, she was rescued by the SPA just over a week ago from a backyard breeder's puppy mill where she was used as a puppy making machine. She was then taken via proxies to a local shelter. They can't prosecute the breeder because technically no laws or contracts were broken and they used proxies because they don't want to risk relatiation on the shelter because these nasty folks see these dogs as their money makers.


Joanna saw her photo on the shelters's Facebook and KNEW she'd be perfect for me as she knew the breed (Löwchen) from her research before getting Ginger. She made all the phone calls and we went to meet her on thursday afternoon and I fell head over heels in love with this doggy as she just sat on my knees hugging me: dirty, dusty and almost half her weight made of matted fur filled with who knows what!

She's had at least 3-4 litters, she hadn't seen a vet since 2012, there was at least a years growth of matted felted fur, if not several and she's underweight.

She's happy with cats and dogs. She had little to no human contact for 7 years and lived in a small enclosure so she doesn't know any orders and isn't housetrained ... but she wasn't ever directly hurt by a human either so she doesn't fear them and she's taken to humans really well. She greets all visitors with warmth and wags and she's obviously totally bonded to my sister, my mother and I.


She's got quite the character: very stubborn, tries to charm her way out of things she doesn't like but *incredibly* affectionate.

House training is going to be a challenge. Getting her to obey orders is going to be an even bigger challenge! =p


She's already family.

Right now she's fast asleep beside my bed on her oversized dog bed, flat on her back, blissed out!


Ginger is still a bit scared of the newcomer, not jealous, not territorial, just frightened of this wierd little thing. They've been on walks together and Ginger is beginning to understand that Lily is a dog like her and means her no harm.

It's kinda ridiculous, they're both so submissive that when we put their food down side by side this evening, they both were afraid to eat first! Same happens in doorways, they both back off!


She's tiny! 50cm/20" long, 25cm/11" high.

I will be posting pictures of Lily and Ginger from time to time amongst the dolly stuff! Hope you don't mind, she's going to be a big part of my life from now on. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Taken on January 2, 2007