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bom bom diggy diggy

'Tis a bluebell. What were you expecting - a tulip? Heh. It's bluebell week. Though there may actually be a tulip later, just to confuse. More bluebells will follow, fear not. Or fear yes, depending on your feelings for bluebells.


Bluebells look better biggerated.


Referrers tell me that this little herbert upped yesterday made it fp as well as Monday's, so I'm currently two for two during bluebell week. I should start a group! No. No, I shouldn't. Really. I should not. Edit: this one got fp'd too. Speedy fast! Thanks y'all.


Also, stats show I crested 100,000 views of stuff on this here stream sometime this morning. I wasn't sitting there reloaded waiting for it to happen though. Oh no. I'm not that silly and certainly do not have screenshots of the account at 99,999 and then at 100,001 because two hits came in at the same time. Nope. Not me. But thanks all. Your views and especially your comments are much appreciated. Muchly!


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Taken on April 22, 2009