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    Mamiya C330
    105mm f/3.5
    Portra 160 VC 120 film

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    1. safely framed 74 months ago | reply

      ふふふ ;)
      Yeah, green's a color I'm definitely happy to see again :)
      and my little (but actually BIG) C330 has also been enjoying the spring air! I need to find some more lenses for her, though I haven't spotted any yet...

    2. *nana 73 months ago | reply

      hahaha i used to had a lens for C330, but only lens :p (i don't know why..)
      seems you really love your C330, and she has great "bokeh"! :)
      if i see a guy with C330 in saitama, i bet that's you! (i live in tokyo but go to saitama almost everyday for my uni) (hahahah

    3. EECCNN 73 months ago | reply

      oooh wonderful

    4. safely framed 73 months ago | reply

      only the lens?? haha, too bad you don't still have it, I'd buy it in a second! And yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in Saitama with a C330, so if you see one it's me! I was surprised to hear you go to uni in Saitama, where in Saitama?? We'll have to take pictures together sometime :)

      ^postcards from italy
      thanks very much for the comment, I'm really glad you like it :D

    5. *nana 73 months ago | reply

      oh, you don't know the school where has photography class in saitama? ;)
      yeah that would be fun! :) let's go! (or let' find "tanuki"s! :D

    6. safely framed 73 months ago | reply

      Wow, tanuki hunting??? Now that sounds like fun! I'll wear my special "tanuki night vision goggles" :)
      I'm also going to investigate this "something that's actually cool in Saitama" business, though my feeling is it's all a hoax :o hehe

    7. enggul 73 months ago | reply

      wOw!... nice shot here. :)
      love the tone.

    8. Diego DeNicola 73 months ago | reply

      Love the headphones.

      Great shot!

    9. cyan blue 70 months ago | reply

      if you see a mamiya-sekor 65mm lens, get it...really sharp and detailed. though having said that i mainly use the 105mm....pick them up on ebay quite easily, but i prefer to have the lens in front of me when i buy one!

      these headphones are beautiful btw...were they retro or proper antique? the portra really makes them sing sweetly...my favourite film at the moment!

    10. safely framed 70 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I've been scoping out some Mamiya lenses on Ebay, and the 65mm definitely seem like the best bang for the buck. Do you have any experience with the telephoto line (180mm or 250mm)? Wondering how those puppies hold up. I'm trying to hold back for a little bit though as I just bought two cameras off of ebay. I'm sure my fast won't last too long though, ehehe.

      Glad you dig the headphones. You can find them on Panasonic's website here. Check them out!

    11. gabutterfly16 68 months ago | reply

      May I use this picture in a freelance publication that I am starting in Griffin, GA. It's called Happyfolk. It's a free publication all about photography, art, music and such. I'll post your name at the bottom of the pic - or whatever you would like. Let me know. Liberty

    12. safely framed 68 months ago | reply

      Sounds great! Looking forward to it :)

    13. Edgar Muñoz 68 months ago | reply

      nice headphones :D

    14. safely framed 68 months ago | reply

      thanks man, though they're actually my friends... He likes them quite a bit though. :)

    15. Chairman Ting 68 months ago | reply

      A very fine shot. Well done!

    16. safely framed 68 months ago | reply

      Thanks, I appreciate that :)

    17. topbarr 63 months ago | reply

      There is actually a group for these headphones.

      You should post it there. This photo is great. This film shot with the retro phones looks great.

      I absolutely love it.

    18. safely framed 63 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the heads up about the headphones group! I wasn't aware there was such a group, so I'll definitely check into it.

      Thanks again for the positive feedback, I appreciate it.


    19. safely framed 54 months ago | reply

      Thanks, I appreciate the positive feedback!

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