The Ritz Theater Capital Campaign Committee hosts Puttin' Up The Ritz Fundraising Event
Together with the Ritz Theater Board and Capital Campaign Committee, Cathy Kutnner and Dick Pollich hosted a party on the roof of the Yello Bird building on the Newburgh waterfront Thursday, Sept. 20. The party served as an introduction to the future Capital Campaign for the restoration of the Ritz Theater. The featured speaker was Sister Ann Sakac, Honorary Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee. She, along with James Beard, Chair of the Ritz Theater Board and Tricia Haggerty-Wenz, Executive Director all spoke about how integral a vibrant and active theater is for Newburgh.

It cannot be done without your help and support..

if you are interested in learning more about the capital campaign committee and how to get involved please contact us at or call 845-784-1199.
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