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I did it ... !!!!!

with this photo, I officially finished my 52 weeks project. which obviously means I've been on Flickr for more than a years now.

I'm gonna use a term my friend used to describe my last year, or my journey.


heads up, a long description.

when I first joined Flickr I wasn't sure it was the place for me, I was looking for s place I would feel like home, it was a very lonely time in my life, very depressed and frustrated I decided it would be fun to actually meet people who share the same passion as me.

in July I signed up for Flickr and started uploading and meeting friends, I enjoyed it so much that I stopped having doubts whether it was a good step to do or not.


two months later Is tarted the 52 weeks project to practice my photography, I was using a point and shoot back then.


my first friends here on Flickr were very lovely, I remember when I received my first prints from Shannon, I was thrilled!! you have no idea. and the day of my first explore was really something to remember, though I haven't been explored since then :D.


then Flickr became a huge part of my life, the friends I made here were amazing that I really wished I could meet them in person. I'm not addicted to Flickr, addiction is something you are compelled to do, but being here on Flickr was by my own choice and I loved so much.


by the end of the year I got my first DSLR, I fell in love with it and started devoting myself and my time more and more for photography, it was my escape from everything, I can put my whole soul in a photo without even bothering to talk about how I feel.


Flickr was the only place where I could talk and never feel uncomfortable, it helped me get over my depression, now I feel okay, I'm pretty sure Flickr will also help me not to relapse, so I'm sticking around for God knows when :).


I made some really good friends along the way, Aishia, Andrew, gudds, Holy, Zeeshan, Yara & Joanna and Tom were my supporters all the way, then a few months ago I got to know Gary, who has been a very good and understanding human being, he helped me through some rough times.


I felt too stressed to be in the university while having so much difficulties coping with depression so I retreated and took an academic break so I can have some time for myself, to think, to calm down, and to pull myself together again. it was helpful indeed, I read loads of books, I staring meeting people and talking to others again, I felt calm again and ready to gain new strength.


it's just amazing to have this beautiful place where you can feel like saying or sharing anything without being judged, everyone is understanding and kind :)


my photography started improving as well, I could feel it, thought I was less available to upload photos on Flickr I still took photos in tremendous amounts.

now I'm standing a very critical time in my life, I'll be having my last therapy session on October 5th (my birthday), the date wasn't planned but I do not believe in coincidences, and by the end of October I'll be moving out and going back to university, wooah, a bit scary!


that pretty much sums up my journey this year, it was a hard year, one of the hardest I've ever lived, it made me think a lot about so many things in life, I've changed the way I perceive things, I can truly say that I am different person now, more mature and more aware of life, though a little more scared as well.


I'll be back to Flickr to catch up on EVERYTHING these few days, and hopefully I'll be starting a new photo project.


I really appreciate everything everyone has written in my stream, thank you all and have a lovely week :)))))




week #52: 17.09.2011-24.09.2011

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Taken on September 23, 2011