Aitch&Saddo Screen Prints - Canada Fundraiser
Being an artist is not always a walk in the park, but Aitch and I would like to invite you to join us walking and help us making it one. Since the Canadian galleries (((Parantheses))) in Halifax, and La Petite Mort in Ottawa invited us to do a series of Aitch&Saddo duo-shows next summer we need to raise some funds to make this real opportunity happen. Sure, we could capture a boat and sail over there with our works, but in the end we decided to rather make some cool and uniqu
e limited art prints and share them with people that appreciate our work and maybe won´t be able to come to Canada to enjoy it there.So here´s the deal:If you want to help us, get one or both of our especially for that occasion created artworks:1. Aitch - Mermaid / 50x70cm ( aprox. 20x27 inches) on 270g paper / 3 colors2. Saddo - Untitled / 50x70cm ( aprox. 20x27 inches) on 270g paper / 4 colorsThe artworks are screen- printed in a limited edition of 50 pieces each, with the help and support of @Libraria Libraria Jumatatea Plina.The prices are 40€ / 50$ (each) + shipping costs: 20€ for Europe and 30€ for the rest of the world.
Drop us a line at or if you're interested in one or both of our prints because we're really excited about being able to have these two shows, sharing our art, meeting new people, collaborating with local artists for murals, and we'd be really grateful if you could help us make it happen.
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