365: Part the Fourth
Another year of self-portraits. Fourth time overall (years one and two were from August 2006-2008, year three was all of 2012).

This time I'm setting parameters:

-Each photo will be taken with the 30mm lens.
-Each photo will be 4x5 in dimensions.
-Each photo will be black & white.
-Each photo will show my face.
---Hands are allowed
---Make-up, substances such as paint, milk, etc. are allowed.
---NO outright props at all.
---Different backgrounds will have to be allowed as I won't be home every day of the year.

The idea I have is to create something that will be a cohesive set at the end. The set itself will be the art more than the individual portraits. The challenge will be to create 365 different expressions/emotions. I hope to be able to have them progress in a way that makes sense. There's a few other things I might be trying as well.

There are some people who would have mapped the whole year out ahead of time. There are some people who would put marks on the floor where the tripod should go every time, and marks where they should sit. There are some people who might measure the distance between their face and the lens so it says the same each day.

Alas, I am not one of those people. :)

The biggest challenge for me and for anyone following is to not get bored to death. Good luck to all of us with that.

UPDATE: Here's the video slideshow I made of the whole set :)
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