"Snow changes our bones into fog streamers"

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    I forced myself out into the day after we got dumped with 16+ inches of snow last night. I forced myself to take photos. I took pictures with my digital, with my Holga, and with my Pentax 35mm. It didn't really work to make me feel more inspired, but it was something anyway. I was telling my husband, I guess it is natural to have a slump after another trip to Detroit where I come so totally alive. I know the trip was in November, but I only recently finished posting the last of the pics I will likely post from that trip (so it was nice to have the experience stretch across to now). But I'm left feeling empty. There aren't so many similar places to go where I live, and not as easy to find people to come with me (who I trust and with whom my husband is comfortable with me going).

    This slump I feel now combined with the usual slump of winter has me feeling really defeated at the moment. I know it will pass, and I am busy trying to drum up support for my solo show in September, but the last few days I'm even second-guessing my decision to do that. I mean, who the fuck do I think I am? Can I really find enough supporters to make it happen or am I totally kidding myself? I start giving myself serious anxiety when I think like that! I try and remember that September is a ways away yet.
    [You totally do NOT have to give me any response to this ramble here, by the way...I'm not fishing for compliments, I'm merely letting this shit out of my head and trying to let people know my head a bit better.]

    Anyway! I'm hopefully going up to visit the fabulous Jennifer tomorrow for the weekend, if the weather gives us a break that is! Maybe I can stop and get some interesting shots on my way up and definitely around her 'hood while I'm up there. A change of scene is always good. Maybe I should also double up on my Vitamin D dosage. LOL

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    1. dogfaceboy 98 months ago | reply

      Have fun on your trip.

    2. Esther17 98 months ago | reply

      aw, give her a big hug and a smooch for me! have lotsa fun!

    3. Esther17 98 months ago | reply

      this is way lovely, btw, especially on black. :)

    4. steep grip [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      I feel it too, that January hole. no fun ...

    5. Allison Kendall 98 months ago | reply

      nothing wrong with a little lull and recharge between fits of creative activity...and this is simply beautiful.

    6. cold frog [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      gorgeous shot!

    7. peaceful yarn [deleted] 98 months ago | reply

      you are the queen.. that's who the fuck you are
      you know.. i had a solo show one year after picking up a brush again
      i had the same doubts.. really i hadn't painted in 10 years
      and i was going to have a solo show in Rittenhouse? BWHAAHAAH
      but i did.. and like 100 people came.. and i sold a shit ton of work
      and i raised $500.00 for MANNA
      and it fucking rocked

      just like your show will

      keep going momma
      i had such great respect and love for you

    8. Aunt Teena 98 months ago | reply

      Sarah.....I think you're totally right to have your show in September. I would like to come to it. I think a lot of us are suffering from SAD (seasonal affect disorder). Don't want to do anything, don't think we do anything good enough (well, in my case, that's just being realistic.)

      Maybe you just have the vapors! Great shot, by the way.

    9. Doppelganger. 98 months ago | reply

      this is so beautiful.

      your slump is better than most people's pinnacle.

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