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The Skin I'm In / Day 171 Year 2

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This is a blog post I wrote today. This photo is inspired by my daughter.

The other night my 12-year-old daughter told me she hates her thighs and thinks they are fat.

Most of you have seen photos of my kid, right? Many of you have seen her in person. She doesn’t have an extra ounce of fat anywhere on her body. She thinks they are “fat” because when she sits down, they spread out. I explained to her that the muscles are relaxed in that position, that is all. I talked about how when we stare at any one thing for too long, it can start to look strange to us. She said everyone else is pretty. Ugh.

What is a mother to do? How do we keep our daughters from going through this kind of agony? Will this sort of self-flagellation ever end? Is it inherently human or is it a product of years and years of media flashing false images of ideal bodies?? I do find it hard to imagine that a woman living in a society where the sole purpose of existence is survival would have the time to be concerned with issues of vanity.

It is heartbreaking. Then yesterday a good friend wrote a blog post about her own body issues…she wrote in gut-wrenching details about how she felt seeing her body. She’s gained weight in the past year since getting married, but to me she is still a long way away from fat. She is extremely beautiful and intelligent and knows very well that her thoughts and feelings about her body are unhealthy, but that doesn’t stop her from feeling them. She has had thoughts of suicide over this—it’s no laughing matter. She’s struggled with an eating disorder in the past and I’m worried she’s heading for it again. She possibly suffers from what we know as en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_dysmorphic_disorder

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  1. SusannahConway 74 months ago | reply

    such a thought provoking post, and a wonderful portrait - you have such luminous skin

  2. sher931 73 months ago | reply

    Awesome! You are an inspiration to others.
    We are who our maker created us to be in his image.


  3. bies 72 months ago | reply

    thank you for this. it really touched me. I teach teenagers, and it's so sad to hear them talk about themselves and their beautiful bodies. you are lovely and beautiful. thanks again.

  4. plaindirt 71 months ago | reply

    your a natural woman not a fake, your pretty

  5. curvalicious53 71 months ago | reply

    I love your belly and your navel is my favorite part of your body.

  6. itsybitsydicky [deleted] 71 months ago | reply

    your body is my temple may i get down on my knees in front of you and prey.

  7. The Aitch 70 months ago | reply

    You've been memed! I used your photo in a meme over at the My Meme group and invite you to become a member.

  8. aliko50 69 months ago | reply

    Outstanding blog.

  9. theoldprof 69 months ago | reply

    wouldn't mi nd seeing you wrestle

  10. sadandbeautiful (Sarah) 63 months ago | reply

    Hi Everyone,

    This photo and the responses to it, as well as the wonderful exposure I got from sharing on The Shape of a Mother, has inspired me to enter the "Name Your Dream Assignment" competition.

    Please read my entry and consider registering and voting for me?

    Thank you so much.

  11. ambrosialove 63 months ago | reply

    Oh, what a great dream, Sarah! I registered and voted for you - but I want to talk to you a bit more about this. FlickrMail coming your way!

  12. porcelanne 62 months ago | reply

    This is a brilliant photograph and post. You share a lot of the same opinions and ideas as myself, and worries. I hope your friend who has put weight on since becoming married doesn't beat herself up too much about it and learns to just recognise she isn't supposed to be stick thin and that the way she is is not fat, but actually just healthy.

    When thinking of these things in reference to myself I try to remember a few big points - for one, men prefer women with curves and secondly that the curvier you are the more energy you have to live your day to day life and do whatever you please. I still have body hang ups like myself but have trained my mind to ignore them most of the time, it is a comforting thought that to be a healthy curvy weight is not considered widely the best way to look today it is however the way we are meant to look. There were no anorexic cave women that was for sure!!

    Your photos are brilliant :) And inspiring. Keep up the great work x

  13. twenty8nine 61 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Naturally Beautiful Women, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  14. A Voice in Recovery 56 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called A Voice in Recovery, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  15. RevolutionOfRealWomen.com 56 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called REVOLUTION OF REAL WOMEN.com™, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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  16. mintasfotos 54 months ago | reply

    hey there =0 just an fyi....this guy: greco giorgio added your foto to his faves....he's one of the block face people who doesnt have any fotos...nor a membership..just goes around collecting other fotos....in this case? women with glasses seems to be his fetish....i have vlocked him after he added one of mine.......dont know if you also block people like that ....but thought you would like to know. =)

  17. JimsWorld 50 months ago | reply

    Sarah, OMG! You are a stunning beauty. A princess! Geez!

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