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20060104 - How I Spent My (Husband's) Sick Day

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Most of the days I take off from work are not because I'm sick but because someone in my family is. Here I am trying to keep up with what's going on at work while caring for my kids while trying to protect myself from the hotbed of disease that is my home.

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  1. AntyDiluvian 112 months ago | reply

    On top of which you magically take pictures of your kids and yourself at the market. Tripod? Friend? (That 'Berry is remarkably well-posed . . .)

  2. sadalit 112 months ago | reply

    The toothpaste shelf and the self-timer. But you're supposed to suspend your disbelief.

  3. oooh caro 111 months ago | reply

    as you're a working mother, then your life is splitted in two parts, one part of your mind with your kids, one part of your mind is with your job.... and the 2 parts of your mind are supposed to be very efficient :-))

  4. sadalit 111 months ago | reply

    Not just two parts but many: the well-being of le mari, the management of la maison, and (with whatever is leftover) creative endeavors like photography...

  5. whitneymoss 52 months ago | reply

    I love this photo. I'm writing a blog post on 8 things I'd rather be doing than cleaning and would love to use it to illustrate a paragraph about moms being the household products decision makers.

  6. sadalit 52 months ago | reply

    @whitneymoss, feel free! I'd love it if you'd drop the link to your post here once it's done.

  7. whitneymoss 52 months ago | reply

    I ended up using something else - different energy but also a great photo.
    I will favorite this photo to use in the future!

  8. whitneymoss 51 months ago | reply

    And now... I used your photo. Thanks!


  9. sadalit 51 months ago | reply

    @whitneymoss, great article and a great series of challenges! I love it! Thanks for including my photo!

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