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    Day 235.

    I love cookbooks. Even though these days I cook from recipes probably less than half the time, I just like having a lot of cookbooks around, and really enjoy flipping through them looking for inspiration. As some of you might be able to tell from this photo, Mark Bittman is one of my favorites.

    Taken Aug 22, 2012 in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
    ¹⁄₁₆₀ sec at f/5.0, ISO100, flash @ 1/8 camera left, through a white umbrella.
    Lens: EF50mm f/1.4 USM @ 50 mm

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    1. Amanda Towler 78 months ago | reply

      Nice shot. I too love cookbooks the cupboard is heaving and I have just brought another one!

    2. ann ob1 78 months ago | reply

      Very colorful collection:)

    3. Quave 78 months ago | reply

      There's an abundance of cookbooks in this house. I should actually start using them.
      I like all the colours in this. It makes it look like a happy/good collection.

    4. flashfix 78 months ago | reply

      Wow, that's quite a collection.
      I have receipes from magazine all over the place. I keep saying to myself I need to organize them, but it seems to be one of those things I just never get around to.
      Great line up of books, I really like how colourful your collection is!

    5. *ChiChi* 78 months ago | reply

      Good one! I also have a shelf in my kitchen. I like regional ones newspaper collection type ones. I have one from San Francisco Chronicles and after Katrina New Orleans lost clipping cook books.

    6. Gaviotita 78 months ago | reply

      This is really great!
      I like the colorful of the books and I took this: "Cook Everything with Joy" :o)
      Well done!

    7. Samuel Santiago 78 months ago | reply

      Nice! I have probably more, and never cook.

    8. BrassFlute 78 months ago | reply

      Nice colours and dof. I went to the river cottage a few weeks back to do a fish prep n cooking course. I spend hours and hours cooking and although I may follow a recipie first time its rare I don't make it my own in time....

    9. djwtwo 78 months ago | reply

      I have a ridiculous number of cookbooks on my shelf, too (OK. Four shelves. And a cabinet. I may have a problem.), although I rarely make recipes directly from them (they serve as inspiration, mostly.) Probably not the intent of your shot, but I'm trying to squint through the bokeh to pick out titles I recognize. I see "A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen" in there, and I'm sure I should recognize the colorful one in the back.

    10. dangerous impulse [deleted] 78 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous colours in the photo.

      I love cookbooks too, my only problem is that often I only like a few recipes from each book!

      Still my favourite book is Margaret Fulton's Encyclopaedia of Food. Have some ingredient sitting in the fridge but don't know what to do with it. Look it up and most of the time you'll have five different recipes to chose from. Oh and nice too.

    11. timsackton 78 months ago | reply

      Amanda Towler Ann O'Brien Quave Samuel Santiago Gaby García Claudio Lara - FOTÓGRAFO 千晴 Thanks, all!
      flashfix I have a big collection of recipes clipped from various sources, and printed from websites, too. They just don't make it into the photograph of the pretty books. :-)
      Oliver Boston River Cottage is my favorite meat cookbook, I bet that fish class was amazing. Sounds like a great opportunity!
      Dennis Wilkinson This is just a small fraction of my collection; a fair number are still in boxes from our move (hopefully this weekend will see the unpacking nearly complete). As for the titles: you are right about "Year in A Vegetarian Kitchen". The green and purple one in the back is "Everyday Greens" (to go with "Field of Greens" in the foreground). Somewhere back there are also "The Perfect Scoop", "Love Soup", "Preserving the Harvest", and "The New Vegetarian Epicure". My wife is a vegetarian, so the titles skew that way pretty heavily.
      [] The Encyclopaedia of Food is one I have not heard of - sounds great, though.

    12. DadAndHisCamera 78 months ago | reply

      Nice collection of books. I like the Meat and Vegetarian books next to each other. I have the How to Cook everything books, too.

    13. timsackton 78 months ago | reply

      Chris Thanks - I liked the Meat/Vegetarian contrast too.

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