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    I was at Macy's (of all places), and this was what I saw... An iPod vending machine! You got your iPod by selecting it on a touchscreen and putting in your credit card to pay for it. They had a mix of new and old iPods too... And their touchscreen didn't have correct images for the iPods they were representing! It was strange... For some reason, I think it cheapens the iPod a little...

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    1. tylermhawkins 102 months ago | reply

      Very cool, I'm glad they don't have these in my home town or I'd go broke!

    2. Michael Godek 102 months ago | reply

      DUDE you were in chicago right!!! i took a picture of it with my phone, i was lookin around and it's in the strangest spot in the world...like why put it there....when i saw your pic i though of the one in water tower place and sure enough yours was the one in the macy's haha

    3. iluvmyipod 102 months ago | reply

      Me too! That's an interesting way to buy an iPod. Why don't you buy it from a vending machine intead of a real computer or Apple Store? :))

    4. Michael Godek 102 months ago | reply

      ok so maybe you'res wasn't in water tower place...i just read your tags but thats odd that the macy's in chicago and then whichever macy's you were at had it...hmmm

    5. sabellachan 102 months ago | reply

      @tylermhawkins: Haha. Just walk away from the iPod vending machine... :P

      @Michael Godek: This particular machine was in the Macy's at the Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center in Santa Clara, CA. And yeah, it's such a weird place to put it... I had just passed the perfume section, and you can see on the left-hand side that there's racks of clothes right next to it... Very strange indeed.

      @iluvmyipod: I think I'd still rather go to the Apple store. The vending machine doesn't have cool music or the iPods out for me to play with before buying. ;)

    6. iluvmyipod 102 months ago | reply

      Same here about the apple store!!! I think before y'all buy an iPod, check it out beforehand! Same w/computers too! :))

    7. iluvmyipod 102 months ago | reply

      yes i live 2/12 hrs from the windy city, I'm going there 4 thanksgiving & christmas Happy TGIF & iPod! :)

    8. tracilawson 102 months ago | reply

      Now there's a vending machine worth tipping. I think you'd need 4 or 5 people to help you though.

    9. iluvmyipod 102 months ago | reply

      LOL y'all! (I rhymed) Hey soopahgrover (interesting name but I guess you're a Grover fan), that's funny what you said about the iPod vending machine.

    10. iluvmyipod 102 months ago | reply

      I'm gonna be in Chicago next weekend for thanksgiving so I'll look 4 the iPod vendine machine! :))

    11. tonystl 102 months ago | reply

      I was at a Macy's in Saint Louis this weekend and I saw the same machine. I'd find it difficult to spend that much at a vending machine.

    12. eckndu 87 months ago | reply


    13. VicinRuiz 84 months ago | reply

      And... when the ipods fall from there... don't they crash??

    14. nikpick28 83 months ago | reply

      O Man!!! I was in that same mall, I think. (Dallas?) Anyways, I freaked when i saw that the world would put i-pods in a vending machine. I mean...WHAT?
      That's just wrong!!!

    15. Smiles Are Free 82 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Tag You're It...(July's Search Vending Machines), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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